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***National television host calls FL-15 race between Alan Cohn and Congressman Dennis Ross “One of the most interesting races in the Country.”***

Tampa, Fl– In an interview with former MSNBC host and current Host and Co- Founder of The Young Turks Network Cenk Uygur, former ABC Action News Chief Investigative Reporter and current Congressional candidate Alan Cohn condemned Rep. Dennis Ross for having warped priorities as the current Congressman from Florida’s 15th District.

“After helping orchestrate the Government Shutdown last fall, just last week, Ross voted to bring our economic stability to the brink again with his “NO” vote that would have forced the US to default on its bills. I can no longer stand on the sideline and watch as our current Congressman drives our country into a ditch in cohesion with his Tea Party allies.” Cohn continued, “As a founding member of the Tea Party Caucus, Ross proudly totes the distinction of “Most Conservative Member of Florida’s US House Delegation.” Floridians deserve a Congressman who puts them first, not someone who brings our country to the edge of disaster and unconscionably votes against the Violence Against Women Act. As a former news reporter, I spent my life fighting and uncovering corruption and cronyism at all levels. I’m no politician, but I felt compelled to run against Ross after he has displayed time and time again, he is not interested in fighting for Floridians in the Halls of Congress.”

Alan Cohn is a Peabody Award winning investigative journalist. For 30 years he fought injustices at all levels. He uncovered a major defense contractor installing defective parts on military aircraft putting our soldiers in immediate danger. As Chief Investigative reporter at WFTS (ABC) Tampa he protected Florida families and seniors by lifting the lid on political cheats and scams. A proud husband, father of two teenagers, and current small business owner, Alan Cohn is running for Congress to bust through the scandal of Washington gridlock, to bring people together to create jobs, and get results for middle class families.


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A Word From Alan Cohn…

We may be Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, but we are all Americans. Right now, we are all tired and frustrated with a Congress and Congressmen incapable of taking action on any of the serious problems facing our nation.

I will represent those who don’t believe their voices are being heard in Congress. Those who want Congress to act when action is what’s needed. I will be a vote against blind partisanship and for working with people from both parties because neither party has a monopoly on good ideas.